Always Telling the Truth About Racism

Liberation in a Generation
2 min readOct 28, 2021

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As cities and states across the country work to ban critical race theory (CRT), we stay naming the truth about our country’s racist past and present. For Off-Kilter Podcast, Jeremie joined Aisha Nyandoro and Elisa Minoff to talk through work requirements as a legacy of slavery; check out Elisa’s must-read report here. He was also on We Have No Idea with Maurice BP-Weeks to discuss the racist roots of America’s credit system. And in our #HearUs4Justice column, Rebecca Dixon spoke to how at-will employment “grew out of the soil of slavery and servitude.”

Even after the 2020 uprisings, too many people and places within the economic justice movement are still struggling to acknowledge and accept the role that racists and racism play in our oppression. But we know that economic liberation requires telling the truth about racism — always.

Securing Guaranteed Housing for People of Color

For generations, Black and brown folks have been crushed by a racist housing system. Yesterday, we released a new brief — as part of an ongoing series — to demonstrate how a federal guaranteed housing program can deliver safety and security for people of color. Inspired by the tenant leaders who are demanding a Homes Guarantee, we’re showing why economic guarantees are rooted in racial justice and will move us toward a Liberation Economy. Read the brief and share on social!

Remaking the Fed, by Us and for Us

The Federal Reserve, our nation’s central bank, is a powerful institution that is currently only working to uphold the white supremacist status quo. For Ms. Magazine, Solana and Vasudha Desikan explain why it’s time for women to be at the helm of Fed leadership. “Personnel is policy,” they write. “We’ve seen what white men get us, which is a lot for them and not much for us. Let’s put powerful women in power and reshape the Fed into an institutional force for race, gender, and economic progress.”

Women of color are key to economic liberation.



Liberation in a Generation

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